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External NIC shutdown
~Holly Kiluzenakol 12/26/2003 05:58 PM
Domino Server 6.0.1 Windows 2000

I am having trouble with the external NIC of our Domino server shutting down (random times, most recently about every 4-8 hours). Below is the relevant diagnostic info. Any tips on next steps is appreciated.

Domino Version: 6.0.1
Server: Windows 2000, SP4 on an IBM xSeries 345
NICs: 1 internal (motherboard) Dual NIC and 1 Intel Dual NIC. The server is multihomed with 1 link directly to the outside world and 2 links to two seperate internal subnets.

Condition: The external link appears to shut down at random. The server continues to process internal mail just fine, but no messages are sent to or received from the outside world. The situation clears up with a server restart. Upon a Domino restart (not restarting the server) it appears to allow mail to be received but not sent. I have reassigned the NIC assignments and the problem moves with the external NIC assigned.

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